Radical Advice: Dance Through Life

I wish I was as confident and at peace in other areas of my life as I am with my hobby of teaching dance.  I am still practicing…  In fact, in working with my own coach we have used  dance as a metaphor for how I want to be in my “real career” or in “real life”.

FullSizeRenderWhat if I could live my everyday life like I was dancing? In exploring this metaphor I discovered:

I choose only music that deeply resonates with me– music that is poly-rhythmic, using live horns and drumming.  What if I only said yes and committed to work that was aligned with my values and goals?

I am happy to share my passion.  Sharing this with others opens other gifts like community building with amazing women at my local Y.  What would it be like to unabashedly and unapologetically bring that same passion to other areas of my life?

I don’t worry so much about how many people show up to class or if they like me.  I am happy to teach a class of any size. How can I shift my tendency to seek others’ approval to a more intrinsically motivated desire to just be me?

I am energized by teaching the class no matter what mood I’m in– when I enter into the space of the music and dance it is effortless (albeit sweaty).  Who am I when I enter that “effortless” space?  What do I know and believe about myself and others?

Just having this space for two hours per week has provided me the opportunity and gift to get aligned with myself, my needs and my goals.  What is your metaphorical and literal dance?

11 thoughts on “Radical Advice: Dance Through Life

  1. My passion (or dance!) is helping people find balance and tranquility in their lives. When I’m doing this work, I feel connected and alive. But “real life” can test my inner joy and calm at times. Thanks for reminding us that we can apply what we “love” to do in positive ways to the rest of our lives too!

    1. So…I risked it and hoping that I don’t end up in nowhere land, I want to also thank you for your usual openness, humble opinions, describing many of us, many of our fears and insecurities; helping us conquer that which many times fight against to show.- It’s taking a while, but I’ll also get there, and when I do we’ll compare all our discoveries and smile openly as we sip our drinks: TO LIFE!!

  2. That first question resonates with me — about only saying yes to things that are consistent with my values and goals. Just yesterday I made a decision that was aligned with my most central personal goal despite the fact that opportunity presented was exciting, flattering and really tempting on a lot of levels. The decision was exhilarating! It made me feel one step closer to actualizing my priority goal – of actualizing my desire even though it’s still probably going to be a long road before I get there.

  3. Dancing through life – what a wonderful metaphor… you pose some really good questions that I would like to think about and apply to the different aspects of my life. I too feel such joy and freedom when I am dancing and it feels a bit wild to ponder how I could make that feeling spread into my every day. But what’s crazy about working towards being your true self in all that you do? To bring joy to your every day? And for the things one must do that doesn’t resonate with you or inspire passion? Maybe we can cultivate the ability to dance from within as we move through that moment.

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