Letter to Younger Self

Redwood Forest
Redwood Forest 1998

Dear Elo,

I realize that giving advice will not necessarily work well.  You have this strong desire to experience.  You know this move to California is important…

Away from family and old friends, you will discover and uncover more of who you really are– your talents, passions, what heals you.  You’ll also gain great insight into your weaknesses and your major wounds. You are gaining knowledge, skills, and hard-earned wisdom.  I also know you will suffer much heartache. And you will not regret having lived a full life.

So, since I can’t tell you exactly what to do (knowing you won’t listen) I will instead ask you one question:

How can you be more kind to yourself?

When diving in head first choosing relationships and experiences, you are very good at figuring out how you can serve others or do “the right” thing.  Rarely do you make space to show yourself kindness.

Luckily, you are figuring out the kinds of things that replenish you and they will become part of your commitment to self care.  This was the result of seeking experience, not necessarily of out of kindness. You deserve kindness. I know it is a radical idea, but I promise it is true.

When you experience hurt, stop.  Honor it.  I’m reminding you it’s what you, what everyone, is entitled to.  Stay curious.  Be kind.  Take good care of you.

xoxo E



Prompt:  Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self? (Author: Jenny Blake)

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