Self Care Challenge

Over a year ago I challenged some friends to identify ways that they can and do nurture themselves without using food.  I think it’s about time for a reminder, don’t you?.  These women’s responses were thoughtful, creative and inspiring.

Mossy Trail
Mossy Trail

Here are some common themes:

Communing with Nature– dig your hands into some soil, play in the rain, relax by a river, lake or ocean, go for a walk in woods, pet an animal…

Movement– dance, stretch, walk, run, take a yoga class (or any class), bike ride, twirl…

Physical Contact/Friendship/Love– help an older person, call a friend, hug a child, have a sleepover and tell stories in the dark, make out, hug, kiss, masturbate, have sex, date yourself…

Creativity– singing, arts & crafts, drawing, knitting, painting, sculpting, collaging…

Reading/Writing– free write for 1, 5 or 10 mins, doodle, re-read your favorite novel,  write a gratitude or favorite things list, get lost in a library or book store…

new earrings
new earrings

Professional Help– make an appointment with a coach, healer, massage therapist, nutritionist, gynecologist, astrologer…

Buying Yourself a Gift(<$20)– cheap earrings, new lipstick, a journal, a luscious lotion, pedicure or manicure, free make-over at  department store…

Here’s YOUR Challenge:

Each week for the next 5 weeks choose one action from the list above to nurture yourself.  

What’s your self-care commitment?  You deserve it, w i t h o u t   q u e s t i o n.  Let us know how it goes!      xoxo

Needing some motivation?  Read this post on being a Self Care Warrior.

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* Special heartfelt thanks to Silismar S., Mary M., Leslie C. and Ana A.!

6 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge

  1. how did you ever guess that I was running myself ragged! I am responding to the self care challenge. do I just choose one :)

  2. The movement part is covered, at least twice a week!

    If anyone wants to work on the physical contact/love piece, the Neighbor to Neighbor Network in Bloomfield is always looking for more volunteers. My twice a month grocery shop with the senior citizen I work with is a pleasure for both of us. I get as much, if not more, out of it as she does.

    contact information:
    Shelley B. Slafkes, Esq., LSW
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Neighbor to Neighbor Network
    One Municipal Plaza
    Room 213
    Bloomfield, NJ 07003
    Phone: (201) 259-3080

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