Radical Advice: Play More

I learned how to flip turn at the pool the other day.

I got water up my nose.  Missed the wall.  Dove too deep.

I learned anyway.

I told myself I was too old.  Too out of practice.  Too set in the other way.

I learned anyway.

I played in the water.  It was fun.

Like when I was a kid and my sister and I did somersault after somersault.  Dive after dive.  Cannon ball after cannon ball.

Pretending I could do water ballet.  Or even better,  that I was a mermaid.

I let my adult mind chatter away… While I played and learned something new.

The lifeguard coached me.  My friend encouraged me.

I played.

Kept at it even though I failed, initially.

I keep at it even though the very next day I got water up my nose.  Missed the wall.  Dove too deep.

I commit to keep playing.



** Much gratitude to Bart, a lifeguard at the Montclair Y, for being such a skilled and patient teacher.  And appreciation to my dear friend Rita for the inspiration and encouragement. xoxo

3 thoughts on “Radical Advice: Play More

  1. So good. I used to be on the swim team in hs, and I haven’t done a flip turn in YEARS. I’m not sure I still could. My friend Carla has been swimming, and I keep saying I’ll go too. This has put another fire under my flippers to get going. Gotta buy some goggles though. And a swim cap. Then I’m going to try to do a flip turn.

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