Marking a Milestone

Today marks the day that I first published an article here on Deepening Wisdom Blog.  Thank you, dear reader, for being part of this journey.deepening wisdom

Last year, I had been a part of a writing group for three months and had not posted (or even actually written) very much at all.   I was not new to blogging. On another blog, Holistic Familia, I shared mostly recipes and tips for green living.  This venture was different.  This was more personal and vulnerable and meaningful.  A greater risk.

I had imagined the birth of Deepening Wisdom would feel more challenging and heart wrenching than it actually was. Then one day I simply stepped over a threshold.   I was ready.  After contemplating and doubting and wondering and weighing,  I had finally decided I must do this for myself.  Whether or not my loved ones ever read it or actively supported it– writing (and sharing) was something I was compelled to do.

I was motivated by a desire to connect with like-minded folks.  Truth-seekers, question-askers, risk-takers.  Yes, I wanted to let the world know about my coaching practice But more than that, I simply had a calling to share.  I was not expecting any rewards, any loyalty, any cash.  I wanted to add to the dialogue happening in many women’s circles about authenticity, imperfection, wisdom, passion, purpose and healing.

I am on this walk with you. Shining light on what is asking for illumination and providing comfort in darkness and murky waters.  It’s funny, when I’m sharing with girlfriends about the latest turmoil or angst I am experiencing they often reply,  But you just wrote about that!  What I write almost always comes from a place that knows that if i need this reminder, so might you…  Sometimes, many times, an idea is not fully formed and what ends up getting published is exactly what i am needing to re-connect to myself.  Some wisdom I had forgotten, some truth buried…

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with you.  As a way to celebrate this milestone with me, will you share the love?

with love,  Eloiza xoxo

Here are some highlights from this year of blogging…

These got the most traffic:

When F*ck You is Healing

Dancing Through Life

I felt the most vulnerable in sharing:

Losing My Cool


These meant a lot but I’m not sure anyone read:

Party (a reflection)

One Key to Self-Care

My personal favorites:

Self-Care Warrior

Truth Telling

3 thoughts on “Marking a Milestone

  1. You know, Elo, you said JUST what I needed to hear this harried and hassled morning:

    I am on this walk with you.

    I know you are, and I look forward to much more walking with you. THANK YOU for sharing, and please know I always appreciate and connect with what you say, even if I’m too harried and hassled to comment. :)

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