Birthday Gift

Will you help me celebrate my birthday this year?  In honor of my 37th birthday I am offering a month-long special.

For $37 I will spend an hour  with anyone who is needing

  • to be met exactly where she is
  • to honor and celebrate her own gifts and values
  • support in transforming her life
  • deep listening for both what is said and unspoken
  • a healing presence

Someone recently asked my why I am doing this.  Good question.  Part of honoring my own gifts and values is doing this work.  I want to make coaching and healing work accessible to more women.  I want to be able to provide the love and support that I have so often received from others during life’s transitions.

Simply put, I love working with women and I want to do more of it.  I am passionate about the need for more spaces where we can be our authentic, powerful, vulnerable, creative, resourceful and beautiful selves.

Please share this special opportunity with anyone seeking greater freedom and fulfillment through authenticity, support, and her own deep wisdom.

With love,  E  xoxo

Set up a session by clicking link below:

Click to Schedule Appt.

PS Click here for more information about my coaching practice.

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