10 Questions for Radical Womxn

Are you cultivating a relationship to your purpose?  You might not always love your job, but you have a sense of your calling in life. You seek meaningful and purposeful experiences.

Are you committed to healing?  You’re awake to suffering and injustice and yearn for greater wholeness.  You’re aware that your individual healing also contributes to the restoration of your family, your community and the world.

Are you honoring your inner self? You have done enough reflection to have some sense of what makes you tick. You know there’s always more to discover and develop- you’re on a journey to embrace your authentic self.

Are you awakening to a higher calling?  You’re in awe of nature’s beauty and majesty.  You strive to be in tune with your intuition and be receptive to spiritual guidance.

Are you seeking supportive relationships with others? It might not be with your family of origin, but you’ve started to figure out who your tribe is. You’re seeking reciprocal, mutually supportive, inspiring friendships.

Are you exploring healthy boundaries? You’ve contemplated the value of saying no. You’re figuring out how to balance your needs against the needs if others. You’re willing to take an honest look at how you might be better at it.

Are you striving to live outside the box? You believe life is just too short not to question the status quo. You have an inner drive to seek more passion and aliveness.

Are you developing a relationship with your physical body? You might not be in tip top shape, but you’re conscious enough to regularly tune in and pay attention to your body.

Are you willing to take risks? You’re brave and know from experience that life isn’t always easy or comfortable. Even if it’s a secret to the rest of the world- you’ve begun to claim your own power.

Are you expanding your creativity? Your creative desire might manifest in different ways:  working with people, visual art, music and dance, crafts, cooking, writing. You might or might not consider yourself an artist, but you want creativity and artistry to be a part of your life.

9 thoughts on “10 Questions for Radical Womxn

  1. I can see that woman in me, she is bubbling up inside taking small steps but continuing to move forward!

    1. kenia, the fact that you can see/feel her is significant and powerful. i’m hoping the work we do in june will help her emerge more fully. xoxo

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