Gratitude for When Things are Hard

Around this time of year many get together with family and friends to recount all the reasons we’re grateful.  Most years I would bet that we’re grateful for what’s gone well, how we’re fortunate or lucky.  This year might be our chance to make this ritual different.

This year we can be grateful despite or even because of the difficulties life throws our way.



It’s likely that you’ve paused during a period of difficulty to be grateful for what was going right.  But what about pausing to be grateful for what’s wrong?

When we’re experiencing what’s wrong, it gives us a better context for gratitude.  The crap helps us get in touch with what’s really important.

Here’s a challenge this season:

Be grateful for what’s wrong too.

Grateful for the failures.

The tender or hurting spots.

The gray hairs, stretch marks, wrinkles.

The conflicts that clarify your priorities.
The turbulence that brings you together.
The detours that lead you to greater satisfaction.

Take more of life in.  Not the way we want it to be.

Grateful for life as it is.

With love,


One thought on “Gratitude for When Things are Hard

  1. Love this, because it reflects on our very imperfect realities. In this moment I am deeply grateful for recent conflicts that help to clarify my priorities. Call them tests of faith or just not-so-gentle reminders to become clearer on where boundaries are sorely needed. At the end of day, every conflict provides an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, accept the real, messy worlds we live in and make a choice about how to move forward. Thanks Elo!

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