Happy Three!

IMG_6967What a year!

In addition to reaching several other milestones– my youngest started kindergarten, my oldest is reading like a champ, I found new digs in a neighborhood I love– deepeningwisdom.com is three years old!

Also, this is the one year anniversary of my monthly contribution to a local blog here in Montclair, NJ–  Barista Kids.  I wrote a whole bunch of stuff aimed at moms over there.  Check it out!

Here are some highlights on this blog from the last year:

Why I’m in Therapy

 I Want to Be the Song

Why My Clients Are So Dope

10 Ways to Give Yourself More Lovin’

** Stay tuned for a new Self Care Warrior Challenge starting June 1, 2013.

With love,  Eloiza

One thought on “Happy Three!

  1. Allow me to reiterate once more, it’s been a great treat to see your metamorphosis to a wonderful woman, mother, professor, coach, Zumba instructor, Latin instructor, all through these very few years. You are a very inspiring lady to follow. Continue in the path of success and keep empowering yourself and others!!

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