Winter Solstice

Tomorrow marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.  In the midst of holiday stress and busy-ness, I invite you to take a few moments to contemplate copy 4

Cold, darkness, going inward, seeking warmth…

Are you trying too hard?

Are you moving too fast?

What can you release, loosen or let go of entirely?

How will you honor your need for rest and quiet contemplation?

Slow the pace

Create space



Meditate, practice yoga, offer up a prayer.

Write in a journal, create a collage, read a book.

Light a candle, drink some tea, cozy up with a blanket.

With love,


Wisdom from my friend Sharon Rosen’s newsletter @ Heart of Self Care:

It’s easy to forget we are animal by nature. Fighting it means fighting ourselves. And that is never a recipe for peace, contentment and ease, which is what we all naturally hunger for.

Give Yourself A Real Gift This Season

Stay in if you want to stay in. Take baths. Drink lots of tea and feel the mug warming your hands. Light more candles and allow yourself to dream as you bask in their glow. Be with the people who light up your soul and will gladly put part of their blanket over your feet.

Be slow. Be a little sad if that’s how you feel (I’m not talking wallowing; more like melancholy). Be true to your nature, and don’t fight with reality any more than absolutely necessary. Be the “no” that says “yes” to your truest desires.

Love and blessings,


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