Summer Specials

If you’re like me, you’re ready to invite in more aliveness, warmth and growth after a long, rough winter.  I’m offering individual sessions and packages for women seeking wholeness and happiness. These reduced rates for the spring and summer will support your desires and help you shake off the winter doldrums.  This is a great time to expand into who you already are and who you’re becoming.   Let’s lovingly make it happen.  xo E

summer offer

mothers day 2014

Read what clients have to say about our work together.

3 thoughts on “Summer Specials

  1. Elo

    Hope all is going well :-) Happen Spring :-)

    Quick Questions 1) What does the Foundation course entail? 2) How many sessions is the monthly 1-1? 3) ) Will there be any group sessions?

    Have a great day! Paula

    1. Happy Spring Paula! This offering is for one-on-one… The foundation session is for new clients to establish a relationship :-). I will likely offer group sessions for the June Self Care challenge. xoxo

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