Corazón, a poem

I’m fine alone

She says, wanting to convince herself.

She’s right.

She has survived.

Clawed, climbed, clambered out of depths of anguish

Cobbling, crafting, reconstructing a life.

Finding firm ground underneath

Broken open enough for wisdom to take root

For a sturdy backbone to get built.

Yet it’s sweeter, gentler, kinder

In someone else’s presence.

The good fortune in encountering

Sisters, healers, angels

To Witness



Still the deep risk.

Words not landing in just the right place

Appearing foolish


A mess.

Fear of being shamed, or worse, betrayal.

Haunted by past hurts



It’s easier to remain unseen

She’s accustomed.

Yet she yearns for her innards to be known

For her gnarled, scarred, pulsing, and alive heart to be held

Tenderly and with great care.


by Eloiza Jorge

6 thoughts on “Corazón, a poem

  1. OMG. I think you were living in my head (and my heart). You have no idea how much I needed to read these beautiful words. Love it. xoxoxo

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