Real Love, a poem

Soil, roots

IMG_1125Pulsing, vibrating

Landing in open arms.

Ocean waves, flowing river

Falling, rising again.

Rocks, sand

Coarse stubble, smooth softness.

Musk, flowers

Moss, bark

Sweat, nectar.

Plum blossoming, vibrant red.

Muscular, alive, curved movement.

Gestation, birth, growth.

Uncovering, discovering

Electricity,  sparks.

Touching, tender

Mature, playful

Full, bulging

Open, vulnerable.

Familiar, nestling in

Risking, venturing out.

Mending injuries,  gold filled cracks.

A bridge,  a sea faring vessel.

Solid, malleable

Confusing, mysterious

Home in the world.

Fingertips, necks, lips, calves.

Illuminating, known

Satiated, weightless

Grounded, free.

Accepting, hopeful



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