The Practice of Love, a poem

Who is well-versed in the practice of love?

I am.

Listening to your words, and what’s unspoken.  Hearing your longing.  Practice of LoveRespecting  your vulnerability.

Being fascinated by the way you think. Being curious about what makes you tick. It’s a pleasure just watching you.

Putting up with you when you’re insufferable and unbearably annoying.

Not turning away when you’re confused or lost.  Standing steadfast.  Sweetheart, the storm is temporary.

Noticing when your eyes gleam from tears.  Or was it the light shining through?

Preparing you a meal with readiness and care. Brewing you tea.  Come, take a seat and rest.

Checking in during your silences.  Honoring when space and solace is needed. Go, if that is what’s best.

Venerating you and lifting you up.  Or crawling and grappling on the ground.

Grooving to a song, volume way up. Laughing at your jokes. Deep belly laughs about nothing at all.

Hugging you until you pull away.

Teasing you about your foibles. Naming your strengths. Celebrating your victories.

Forgiving you when you fail me or miss what I’m needing.

Getting angry for you when you’re numb and disconnected. I swear, I will jack someone up if they mess with you.

Helping you fix it, problem-solve it, work it out.  Leaning in or falling back.

Accepting when you’re ugly and not so nice.  Being generous and easy-going when logic would call for the opposite. Fo’ real.

Seeing parts of me in you. Being glad I’m not so alone.  Is the goodness in you reflective of me too?

Being tender, gentle and open-hearted.  Being firm and direct when it’s right.

Encouraging your creativity and dreaming.

Missing you when you’re gone. Wanting you to share in my every joy.

Kissing your cheek. Holding your hand. I get it.

Telling you you’re beautiful, again and again.

Who is well-versed in the practice of love?

I’m here, waiting for you.

3 thoughts on “The Practice of Love, a poem

  1. Sounds like a montage to all the people I have loved, for better or for worse, warts and all. This is a beautiful piece that speaks to the inside and the outside and all that is in between.

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