Self Care Warriors 2017

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Since 2012 women have been gathering here in a community of encouragement and support to (re)commit to self care.  This is the 5th Self Care Challenge– now it seems more important than ever.

You get why we’re starting this on January 20, right?

In addition to selfless and courageous acts of political pushback and mobilization, there is a deep need to take tender care of ourselves. 

As we stand up against bigotry, intolerance and all manner of expressions of the lower self… As we honor the beauty, worth and preciousness of human life and of mother earth… We are also called to cherish our own existence, our creative impulses, our right to be free.

It’s not your imagination- self care is not easy. For all the talk about it, I would say it’s even frowned upon. Others often object when we disconnect, have firmer boundaries, take time for ourselves.  And for women to do this is revolutionary.   


In addition to the actions we take to combat ignorance, defy intolerance and resist hatred we’re called to build, buttress, grow and nurture ourselves.  

 The daily exercises cover the following themes.

Water, Movement, Nourishment 

Relationships, Generosity, Receiving 

Boundaries, Saying No, Silence

Creativity, Celebration, Joy

 Take what you want, leave the rest.  Visit when you can. Use as much time as you need.

If you want to join with others in community and document your resistance on social media you’re encouraged to use the following tags:


New to the challenge?

Read more here:

Who is your inner warrior?

Guidelines for the challenge.

 with much love,


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