Questions for These Times

So many of us are deeply troubled and frightened by our current political climate.  Manifestations of our lower selves are not only more visible, but condoned, even celebrated. 

I also find myself curious about what would it be like to suffer an even more limited human existence than the one I inhabit.  One where my sense of security and survival hinged upon the denigration of others.   One where difference is viewed as malevolent and in need of annihilation.

An existence, I imagine, devoid of art, culture and genuine connection.

I’m not saying I live a life absent of selfish, petty, raging and even violent urges. I’m saying, like you, I’m walking a path. Becoming more awake to my own humanity and thus the humanity of others.  

I cultivate friendships with folks who inspire me to resist acting out from the  smallest version of me. I’m committed to seeking and grasping some meaning, some hope, some faith in the midst of chaos, upheaval and darkness.

I wonder, what would it be like to hold very little as sacred or holy?    
To deny any vulnerability or tenderness?    To reject the gifts this complex and paradoxical life offers? 

Would a more limited existence leave space for prayer?   For dance?   For love?

Would it allow the privilege of intimacy?   Of insight?   Of enlightenment?

Would it grant the good fortune, the opportunity, to console a grieving friend?    To share deep belly laughs with a child?    To be awed by the majesty of an ancient tree?    To weep reading a poem by Hafiz?

My friends, may we collectively know more generosity, kindness, empathy and love. 

May we have the strength, courage and fierceness to defend and protect each other. 

May we do the work necessary to awaken and be more free.

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