Self Care Warriors Day 3

When we stop paying attention, we all do now and again, debris tends to build up.

What are you needing to clear out, clean up, or get rid of?

Your task:

Decide what needs cleaning up in your life. This could be the clearing of clutter on your desk. It could be getting to the laundry that has been piling up. Or it could perhaps be reducing the consumption of a food that is not so healthy.

Notice what is getting in the way of you feeling at peace. What needs clearing? What needs weeding? What needs slashing and burning?

Step it up:

Already pretty organized and on top of things? Try a bigger project like cleaning out old files, organizing a closet, scrubbing the bathroom floor…

Or tackle clearing mental clutter by taking a break from Facebook, internet games, or reality TV. Put an auto-responder on your email settings to let folks know you’re taking a break. Post on your Facebook wall that while you love connecting with folks, you’re going to disconnect for a while. Don’t watch television for a week and notice what else you might do. What peaceful or rejuvenating act you might do with that time instead?

One thought on “Self Care Warriors Day 3

  1. Disconnecting from social media, Facebook and News media for a week. Replacing with Gratitude journal & Walking.

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