Self Care Warriors Day 4

We sometimes become so busy attending to daily responsibilities and others’ needs that we neglect our own need for stillness.

IMG_1203How do you honor your need for quiet?  Will you commit to carving out more time for blank space?

Your task:  
Spend 5- 10 minutes in silence.  Sit in a place free of distractions. In comfortable and relaxed position in your seat, place your gentle attention on your breath. When you become aware of any thoughts just let them drift.

Meditate on the breath, allowing thoughts to come and go as they will.  As you breathe in, allow the air to descend to the deepest part of your abdomen.  As you breathe out sense your body relaxing.  Notice your muscles and be aware of any tension in your head and body and relax…

Pay gentle attention to what might come up for you.  Gratitude, anxiety, peace, grief, sadness– let whatever comes up  just be there.

Step it up: 
Already have a regular meditative practice?  Spend some extra minutes in silence.


Take an extended break from television or social media.  Use the time instead to sit in silence.

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One thought on “Self Care Warriors Day 4

  1. Today’s meditative practice was challenging. I had a plethora of thoughts running rampant through my mind. But I allowed it to run and sit there. Quietness and stillness is something that I need to practice.

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