Self Care Warriors Day 6

This exercise is borrowed from my friend, Sharon Rosen, over at the Heart of Self Care.

IMG_7525Nourishment is a very basic physical need.  In our busy lives we often eat on the run.  How often do you fully experience every nuance of what you are eating as you are eating it?

Your task:
While you can bring mindful awareness to any meal, for this exercise you’re going to do it with a single piece of fruit.

First, take the fruit you have chosen and hold it in your hand. Feel the weight of it, the texture of the skin, the shape of its contours.

Then look at this piece of fruit; really see the gradations of color and size, examining the stem end that was once connected to a tree or vine.

Next bring it to your nose and inhale its fragrance.
Is it a fruit you can simply bite into or does it need to be peeled? When you take that first bite, bring all of your awareness to the activity and stop at one.

Feel the texture of what has just come into your mouth — let the juiciness and flavor play on your tongue and palate. Chew slowly and thoroughly, until the texture becomes something different. Wait until you have gotten all you can from that one bite before swallowing and moving on to the next.

Take each bite as if it is the first…breathe and enjoy engaging fully with this ripe, delicious, life-giving piece of fruit. Experience it as it goes from your mouth down your esophagus and into your stomach. Envision it sending vitality and nourishment to all of your cells. Enjoy every delicious nuance!

Step it up:  
Bring mindful awareness to other meals throughout the day.


Have you been meaning to cut something out of your diet as a way to be more mindful about what you consume?  Try giving something up for a week–  Carbohydrates?  Meat?  Sugar? Alcohol?  Notice how your body feels.

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