Self Care Warriors Day 7

How easy is it for you to receive a compliment or praise?  Many of us, in an attempt to be humble,  brush it off when someone says something positive about us.  We are self effacing and often skip over opportunities to receive acknowledgement of our beauty, wisdom, creativity, generosity, intelligence, style, or skills.


What’s beautiful about you?  What unique gifts do you bring to the world?

Your task: 
When someone gives you a compliment or praise, take it in.  Pause and affirm to yourself how the is acknowledgment is a  f a c t.

Show gratitude to the other person by telling them exactly how it made you feel.  Instead of simply saying thank you, you can say something like:

Thank you.  It feels affirming for you to share that.  it makes me feel seen and loved.

What’s it like to be acknowledged and affirmed? Are you able to stay present with it and feel the truth and goodness in what the other is saying?

Step it up: 
Practice receiving more acknowledgement, love, and praise by calling a friend and asking her/him to remind you why they love you so much.  Have them serve as a mirror to point out your good, positive, and lovely attributes.  Don’t argue or disagree.  Take it in.

Further Reading:  Radical Advice for Competent, Responsible, Sensible Women

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