Self Care Warriors Day 8

None of us is entirely self-sufficient.  Yet, we often act as if we do not depend on each other to survive and thrive.  Sometimes we prefer the relative safety of remaining isolated.  Other times we risk to reach out for the support that we are needing.IMG_6002

What stops you from asking for the help or support you are needing?

Your task:
Reach out to a friend.   Call her or him.  Write a note.

Spend time with a friend.  Go to dinner.  Go to the movies.  Sit on a bench together.  Be present.

See your friend.  Let your friend see you.

Step it up.  

Reach out to a massage therapist, a counselor, a teacher, a clergy person, a healer.  Reach out to someone who has made it her vocation to help, serve and guide others.  Invest money in a professional who’s time is dedicated to your well being.

One thought on “Self Care Warriors Day 8

  1. Great stuff Eloiza, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    It can be easy to get so caught up in wanting to do things ourself, that we often forget that help from others is not admitting defeat, it actually allows us to be more productive and focus on what we value.

    I definitely agree with your last point about stepping it up with outside professionals. I suffer with back problems and sometimes am reluctant to spend money on chiropractic treatment. However, I know how beneficial this is for me and how much better it makes me feel and you can’t put a value on that (well maybe the price of a chiropractic treatment haha).

    Loving the content, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

    PS – On a related note, I’m on the hunt for feedback for my new show The HERO Podcast! It’s all about creating healthy habits, and making those new year’s resolutions become a reality. You can check it out (and maybe leave a short review if you like) here:

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