Self Care Warriors Day 10

Life can be hard.  People are struggling, suffering, and in pain.  Still, there is joy and beauty in the world.  Still, we experience loveIMG_0209, kindness, and compassion.  Still, you have gifts to be shared, enjoyed, and celebrated.

For what are you most grateful in your life?

Your task: 
Set a timer for about 10 minutes.   Take account of all that you cherish and are grateful for in your personal life.  Write a list of all your triumphs, breakthroughs, and victories of the past year or even the past 10 years~ don’t censor yourself.
Pay special attention to the unique gifts you offer the world.  What is it about you that is distinctive, beloved, precious?

Step it up: 
Already in the practice of keeping a gratitude journal? Write a letter to your younger self.  What would you tell her?  What advice would you give?  What would you remind her? What hard earned wisdom would you like to impart?

Further reading:

Letter to Younger Self 

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