Self Care Warriors Day 11

Back Camera

Who are you?  Are there parts of you that you keep safely tucked away so no one can see or judge?  Part of the warrior journey is claiming more of ourselves so that we can live a more authentic and engaged life.

How have you explored and honored different parts of yourself?  What risks are you willing to take to be more authentic?

Your Task:
Claim an alter-ego**.

Identify an inner voice that wants you to make a shift in the way you are experiencing yourself.  Name her.

Begin a dialogue.  Write her a letter about what is on your mind.  Then have her write a response (in her own words).

Invite her to play a more active role in your life– let her in.

(**Do not mistake your inner hater for your alter ego.  Your alter ego is wise and wants you to be more alive.  Your inner hater wants to protect you and is driven by fear.)

Step It Up:
Have you been practicing letting a more wise or bold or uncensored part of yourself emerge?  Let her take over for a day.  Dress up like her. Show her off to the world.

Listen for the voice who is whispering to (or sometimes shouting at) you to do something different.  Now go change it up!

Further reading:

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