Self Care Warriors Day 12

Our vitality and sense inner peace is directly related to our ability to tell the truth.  This doesn’t only mean being honest with others.  It starts with being honest with ourselves.

pale yellow roseIt starts with the courage to admit a reality we resist or fear.

What truth is waiting to be expressed?

Your task:
Imagine your heart as a smaller version of yourself.  What is your heart wanting to tell you?  What needs to be said?  Use a journal or even a recording device to freely express your ideas.  Don’t censor.  Just speak or write what is there in that moment.
Truth telling is a practice. Once you start being honest about where you are or who you are in any moment, it changes.

Step it up:
Here are some other ideas to practice truth-telling.

Confess your deepest truth to a journal or piece of paper.  Write from your heart.  What most needs to be expressed in this moment?  No issue is too big, nor too trivial.

Speak your prayers.  Connect with your Higher Power out loud.  Whisper, sing, cry, or yell.  Don’t hold back, ask for what you are needing.

Write a letter to your younger self, your future self, or the Universe.

Further reading:

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