Self Care Warriors Day 13

Two of our human needs are creativity and fun.  When was the last time you did something creative just for the fun of it?

Some of us are creative in our jobs or are creative problem solvers.  Do you let yourself be creative without an agenda or goal?IMG_0208

Your task:  
Spend 10 minutes in free play.  Draw, doodle, get a hold of some clay, dance around, improvise on an instrument, fool around with a toy, make up a game, mess around with paint…
If you need to, pretend you’re not an adult with grown up responsibilities.  Let yourself experience the joy kids do when they are engrossed in free play.
Notice how your body feels when you let yourself play.  Try as best you can to be fully present.

Step it up: 
Feeling like you honor this need fully?  Challenge yourself by trying something new.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone.   If you normally like to do puzzles, try painting…

Don’t censor yourself.  Let yourself dream.  Have fun with it!

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