Self Care Warriors Day 14


Overwhelm and stress have likely prompted you to participate in this self care challenge.  Ironically, the way we deal with stress can exacerbate our problems.

We tune out instead of tuning in.

Overeating, drinking alcohol,  or overindulging in media (cable news, Facebook, Instagram, reality TV.)  You get the picture…

Your task:  

Take a break from television, your phone or your computer.

Resist the urge to compulsively check your messages.  Stop and pause before you look to see what picture or link others have posted today.  Ignore the news for one afternoon.

Notice what you might be avoiding in that moment.

Boredom? Anxiety?  Sadness?

Tune in.

Step it up: 
Already pretty good at tuning into your own needs?   You probably don’t need this challenge!  Just kidding.  Spend some extra minutes in silent  contemplation…

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