Self Care Warriors Day 16

bleeding heart

What are your needs for connection, community, friendship, support?

Recall times when you’ve felt seen, understood, acknowledged.

Think about the occasions you provide that for others.

None of us is entirely self-sufficient.  Yet, we often act as if we do not depend on each other to survive and thrive.  Sometimes we prefer the relative safety of remaining isolated.  Other times we risk to reach out for the support that we are needing.

What stops you from asking for the help or support you are needing?

Your challenge:
Reach out to a friend.   Spend time with someone.  Go to dinner.  Go to the movies.  Sit on a bench together.  Be present.  See this individual.  Receive this person.

Ask someone to be your support & accountability partner.  Someone you can check in with.  Someone you depend on to be honest.  Someone you know wants the very best for you.

Step it up.  
Practice asking for what you need. Tell someone what you are really needing.  Give them the gift of knowing exactly how they can love and support you.  Be specific.

Ask for what you want. Even when it seems frivolous. Especially when it feels big and too much.  Just ask.  The practice will shift something for you, I promise.

Further reading:  Asking for What You Want

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