Self Care Warriors Day 17

Music and movement are nurturing to both our bodies and spirits.  A good song can transport us to another place and time.  Music evokes emotions, memories, dreams, desires…

12th century dancing celestial deity, India

What is your favorite song?  How does your body want to move when you hear it?

Your task:  
Spend 10 minutes with your favorite song(s).    Let the music move you. Do hip rolls, stretch, leap, shimmy.  Dance steps you know or make them up.  Let yourself experience the joy of dancing to music you identify with, music that moves you.
Notice how your body feels when you let yourself dance.  Don’t think too much about what you’re doing.  Just do what feels right.

Step it up: 
Sound too easy?  Is this something you already do every day?   Have a dance party and invite your friends.  Or go to a local spot that has a dance floor and enjoy.
If you are taking dance classes in a group setting, challenge yourself to really get loose.
Dance as if nobody is watching and enjoy it if they are…

Further reading:

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