Self Care Warriors Day 18

The foundation of life is relationships.  We absolutely need each other to stay alive and thrive.  Of course, not all relationships are supportive, reciprocal or based on loving kindness.  All the more essential that we cherish the relationships that are…

What makes certain relationships so nourishing?  What do you appreciate about your friends?

Your task: 
Show gratitude to a person  in your life who really sees you.  This might be someone you talk to every day or only every so often.  Thank them for being a source of support.

We can’t do it on our own.  No matter how enlightened, reflective, in touch, or mindful we are.  We need each other.

Express gratitude for the small and not so small ways a friend enhances your life.

Show your love by writing a card or a letter.  Give that person a small gift like a fruit, flower, or piece of candy.

Step it up:
Stop denying yourself help and support.  Reach out to someone who can serve as your witness.  Share your heart’s desire.  Confess your deepest fear.  Risk vulnerability.  Tell the truth.

Further reading:  Can I Get a Witness?

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