Self Care Warriors Day 19

Women often overextend ourselves by saying yes way too often.  Yes, I’ll help out with that.  Yes, I’ll commit to this.  Yes, I’ll bend to accommodate whatever it is… We push ourselves (and are expected to be) flexible, helpful and compliant.  And on occasions when we are not, we are sometimes punished for it.


What healthy boundaries are you needing to put in place?

Your task: 
Say NO.  Say NO all day long.  Say it as often as and as much as you can.  Say NO to big things and little things.  You can say NO politely and with a smile- just say it.
Pay attention to others’ responses when you set healthy boundaries.  Were they more supportive than you anticipated?  Did the world stop if you said no to something you did not want to do?

** Now, if you happen to be a person (you know who you are) who actually needs to say YES more often, please do!  You might need to   l e t   m o r e   in, not the other way around.  If you are cutting yourself off from important relationships and experiences, then by all means, say YES!

Step it up: 
Are you already pretty good at setting boundaries?  How about befriending your Inner B*tch?   When we deny a part of ourselves– yes, the bitch is a normal, even necessary part of you– she tends to come out in subversive, passive- aggressive and even embarrassing ways.  Embrace the part of you that is maybe more abrasive, straight-forward and confident.  Embrace the part of you that says hell no with ease.

Further reading:  Radical Advice on Being Bitchy and  When F*ck You is Healing

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