Self Care Warriors Day 20

A painting, a piece of music, literature, architecture.  Art reminds us of the beauty and goodness in the world.  It reflects our human yearning and potential to create.

Artwork by Bisa Butler

How does spending time with art shift your perspective?  What are you inspired to create?

Your task: 
Let yourself be awe-inspired.  Spend 10 minutes with one of your favorite forms of art today~ a photograph, a song, a drawing, a sculpture, a poem, a garden.
Sense the artist’s inspiration to create.  What do you imagine was her or his muse?  What type of commitment and effort was dedicated to the art you’re admiring?

Step it up: 
Spend a bit more time with the art you choose.  Go to a museum during your lunch break.  Take a book of poems with you on your train ride.  Listen to some Cesaria Evora or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, or Michael Kiwanuka.
Or, of course, you be the artist.  Create.

Further Reading:  Love Letter to an Artist

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