Self Care Warriors Day 23

Sometimes self care includes allowing ourselves to do something we judge as indulgent.  When was the last time you allowed yourself the freedom to indulge?

Your task:

Treat yourself as you would a lovable child.  Indulge in an activity that you might otherwise feel some guilt about.

  • Enjoy a piece of chocolate or bowl of ice cream.
  • Schedule a massage or a pedicure.
  • Take a day off from work.
  • Enjoy a pajama day.  Do nothing and relish in it.

Instead of doing it with trepidation or doubt, let yourself delight in the pleasure of it.  Engage readily and heartily in an activity that gives you joy.

Pamper yourself.  Act spoiled.  Be decadent.

Step it up:

Identify the ways you indulge already.  Check in with yourself about each act. How does it  fit in to your self care practice?  What are the ways you could let yourself more fully enjoy it? Relish it.

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