Self Care Warriors Day 25

The point of doing a challenge like this is to remind ourselves that we deserve nourishing and cherishing.  The wise part of you knows self care is a need, not an indulgent whim.

Dancer and dear friend, Isabel

What if you treated yourself as the precious being you are?

Your task:

Embody the part of you that is regal, dignified and esteemed.

Adorn yourself.

Some ideas:

Take extra time in your morning routine while slathering on lotion to cherish your skin and your body.

While getting dressed choose a piece of clothing or jewelry that makes you feel distinguished and radiant.

Prepare and enjoy a meal slowly.  Relish every bite.

Step it up:

Already in the practice of emanating a stately and queenly attitude?  Share with others.  Post your advice on our Facebook page or here in the comments section.  What are your suggestions?

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