Self Care Warriors Day 27

Part of self-care is being in touch with our own particular needs and desires.  This involves both self-awareness and self-acceptance.  It involves embracing how you are different.  No easy task, I know.ugly flowers

In what ways are you different?  How do you embrace your uniqueness?

Your task: 
Set a timer for about 10 minutes.   Without censoring yourself, answer the following:
What is the one thing about you that is impossible or the most difficult to accept?
What about you makes it difficult to fit in or be at peace with your surroundings?
What trait of yours is both a gift and a curse?

It is vital for you to begin to uncover and accept all the parts of you.  The parts you like and the parts you deny.  The exposed and the hidden.  The beautiful and the ugly.  The mature and the foolish.

Step it up:
Ready to take it to another level?  Reflect on what really irks you about other people.  What gets you fired up?  What is it you can’t stand about others’ behavior?
Now consider that those traits you’ve identified are actually unclaimed parts of your own identity. That what bothers you about them reflects something about you that perhaps deserves some attention.

Further Reading:   Learning from Envy

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