Self Care Warriors Day 29

Maybe you’ve noticed that, once you make the space for it, self care feels good (usually).  The hard part is getting to the mat, the dance floor, the journal, the meditation pillow…


Once we’re finally in that space many of us ask ourselves:  Why don’t I do this more often?

Your task: 

In your journal, write about what makes you feel most alive and commit to doing more of it.  Honor your need to feel alive, present, and free.   Think about times in your life when you shimmer with vitality.

When do you feel excited, connected, creative?  Bring to mind moments when you feel like life is effortless, when you feel like you’re in the flow.

Who are you when you enter that “effortless” space?  What do you know and believe about yourself?

Step it up: 

Ready to take it to another level?  Let that brazen, bold, sensual, playful part of you call the shots for a day.

Wear a color or style that you’d normally be too humble to put on.  Cook something delicious.  Go dancing.  Write a poem.  Let yourself be/come alive.

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