Free Resources

Five Ways to Connect to Your True Self is a guide to becoming more authentic and alive.  Each step identifies a theme and three activities to take you deeper.  Click on the image below to download your copy.

The Woman Warrior’s Workbook is a 30-day regimen in self care.   What started as an online challenge has transformed into e-book available in PDF format.   The guide takes you through four weeks of exercises to deepen your self care practice.  Each week is  themed:  Preparing the Ground,   Relationship,   The Inner Landscape,   Blossoming.   Each prompt includes an image, a single word or mantra, powerful questions and activities.   Click on the image below to download your copy.  

book cover

One thought on “Free Resources

  1. Thank you for sharing your work in this beautiful format. It is truly wonderful and inspiring. I will refer to it daily. Thank you Ma

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