Anhelo, a poem

beating, pulsing, vibrating simultaneous, polyrhythmic. discordant, harmonious. all at once. pulling her forward, almost against her will. impulses and desires emanating from a brimming, full heart there’s no choice but to participate. movement. dance. flow. life. breath. awakening. all the while swimming in deep waters of solitude.

Honey, a poem

oh, how swiftly brilliance eagerness intensity gets dulled by shame shimmering turns flat brightness hides in shadows elegance is muddled love quashed a call to (re)turn to vulnerability and tenderness again and again and again.

Fury, a poem

  i mistook your mask your art for the expansiveness of your heart. your music sang of depths and heights. your notes expressed wisdom and truth. your words resonated light and dark. thus, i assumed you too could take in the breadth of our existence. the fortitude to dig deeper seeking liberation. raging against, breaking … More Fury, a poem