I learned how to flip turn at the pool the other day. I got water up my nose.  Missed the wall.  Dove too deep.  I learned anyway. I told myself I was too old.  Too out of practice.  Too set in the other way. I learned anyway. I played in the water.  It was fun.  … More PLAY


I had always imagined healing would be this ethereal experience. The sun shining, a community of support, basking in a feeling of wholeness… That is until I really dedicated myself to a healing path.   I then came to understand the often lonely, painful, and dark path healing sometimes requires.

4 Rules to Live By

This past week I had an illuminating conversation with my university students.  I love teaching this teacher education course at this particular college because these future teachers help me feel hopeful.  Hopeful that they will work to  reverse some of what plagues urban public education today– the anti-intellectualism, low-expectations and  uninspired teaching. This group (of … More 4 Rules to Live By