You Already Know

I don’t have much new to tell you, really I don’t. I had an insight the other day:  Most of what I do as a coach is remind mothers what they already know.  Now, this knowledge might be in the deep recesses of their subconscious.  Still, somewhere inside they know.  In fact, I work with … More You Already Know


I had always imagined healing would be this ethereal experience. The sun shining, a community of support, basking in a feeling of wholeness… That is until I really dedicated myself to a healing path.   I then came to understand the often lonely, painful, and dark path healing sometimes requires.

Living the Questions.

  This past year was sort of an experiment in disconnection.  Stepping back from intense searching and longing. I spent more time observing. Living the questions.  Practicing being with the unknown.  I want to remember these: What is it like to not care so much?  How might disconnection serve me? What can I let go … More Living the Questions.