Can I Get a Witness?

I often end up advocating for individual reflection and do-it-yourself coaching strategies in my writing.  And what I am realizing is that, while our growth and development absolutely depend on our own self-awareness, it is essential to be present with and share with others. Basically what I am saying is:  While blogging and connecting with … More Can I Get a Witness?

Letter to Younger Self

Dear Eu, I realize that giving advice will not necessarily work well.   You have this strong desire to experience.  You know this move to California is important… Away from family and old friends, you will discover and uncover more of who you really are– your talents, passions, what heals you.  You’ll also gain great … More Letter to Younger Self

Maybe I DO Suck

One of my latest status updates on social media read: Finally becoming a grown up: This woman came up to me after class to basically tell me I suck and I shrugged my shoulders and said, Oh well! I got an outpouring of supportive responses from my female friends reminding me how cool I am … More Maybe I DO Suck