Anhelo, a poem

beating, pulsing, vibrating simultaneous, polyrhythmic. discordant, harmonious. all at once. pulling her forward, almost against her will. impulses and desires emanating from a brimming, full heart there’s no choice but to participate. movement. dance. flow. life. breath. awakening. all the while swimming in deep waters of solitude.

Real Love, a poem

Soil, roots Pulsing, vibrating Landing in open arms. Ocean waves, flowing river Falling, rising again. Rocks, sand Coarse stubble, smooth softness. Musk, flowers Moss, bark Sweat, nectar. Plum blossoming, vibrant red. Muscular, alive, curved movement. Gestation, birth, growth. Uncovering, discovering Electricity,  sparks. Touching, tender Mature, playful Full, bulging Open, vulnerable. Familiar, nestling in Risking, venturing … More Real Love, a poem

Corazón, a poem

by eloiza jorge I’m fine alone She says, wanting to convince herself. She’s right. She has survived. Clawed, climbed, clambered out of depths of anguish Cobbling, crafting, reconstructing a life. Finding firm ground underneath Broken open enough for wisdom to take root For a sturdy backbone to get built. Yet it’s sweeter, gentler, kinder In … More Corazón, a poem