Haters Gonna Hate

Any inspirational book on mindfulness or spirituality will remind you to follow our unique path and to be your brilliant self. These books reveal the beauty in being authentic and the virtues of imperfection and vulnerability. Enlightened teachers explain how often we live under illusions, shackled by the past.  And leaving behind the voices that repeat … More Haters Gonna Hate

Living the Questions.

  This past year was sort of an experiment in disconnection.  Stepping back from intense searching and longing. I spent more time observing. Living the questions.  Practicing being with the unknown.  I want to remember these: What is it like to not care so much?  How might disconnection serve me? What can I let go … More Living the Questions.

Beautifully Ugly.

What makes me different doesn’t always “light people up”.  That’s because what makes me different is my willingness to explore the depths and darkness.  Not exactly fun stuff! This emerges especially in groups.  I’m often the one in the group who’ll say what no one else will.  The one who seeks meaning.  The one who … More Beautifully Ugly.