Haters Gonna Hate

Any inspirational book on mindfulness or spirituality will remind you to follow our unique path and to be your brilliant self. These books reveal the beauty in being authentic and the virtues of imperfection and vulnerability. Enlightened teachers explain how often we live under illusions, shackled by the past.  And leaving behind the voices that repeat … More Haters Gonna Hate

Meet Nefertite Nguvu

I’m so excited to be starting this series of conversations with filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu-  writer, director and producer. We discuss living outside the box, the creative process (and blocks), living from the inside out, redefining success and being committed to the truth. Look out for news about her newest project– In The Morning– a feature … More Meet Nefertite Nguvu

Marking a Milestone

Today marks the day that I first published an article here on Deepening Wisdom Blog.  Thank you, dear reader, for being part of this journey. Last year, I had been a part of a writing group for three months and had not posted (or even actually written) very much at all.   I was not new … More Marking a Milestone