Special Announcement

Hello friends, I’m happy to announce I’m transitioning to full time counseling and coaching.  I’m both excited and exhausted from the effort it took (is taking) to see this dream come alive.  Because words are not coming easily I’m sharing two collages that depict my vision for this next chapter.  Thank you for being here. 

Honey, a poem

oh, how swiftly brilliance eagerness intensity gets dulled by shame shimmering turns flat brightness hides in shadows elegance is muddled love quashed a call to (re)turn to vulnerability and tenderness again and again and again.

Radical Advice for Competent, Responsible, Sensible Women

You’re competent.  You’re responsible.  You’re sensible.  You have it together.  People rely on you. You mostly complete tasks. You’re mostly on time.  You mostly do what you say you’re gonna do. Yet  somehow life is not fully satisfying.  You’re not deeply rewarded for your goodness.  Even when you’re praised for being kick-ass, it doesn’t  feel quite … More Radical Advice for Competent, Responsible, Sensible Women

Differences between Therapy & Coaching

I’m often asked what’s the difference between coaching and therapy? For over half of my life I’ve been committed to healing through various therapeutic approaches: homeopathy, metaphysical healing, talk therapy, kinesiology and the like.  I’m grateful to be able speak from experience about the value and deep healing available in both coaching and therapy. At one point, … More Differences between Therapy & Coaching

Radical Advice: Embrace Grief

I had always imagined healing would be this ethereal experience. The sun shining, a community of support, basking in a feeling of wholeness… That is until I really dedicated myself to a healing path.   I then came to understand the often lonely, painful, and dark path healing sometimes requires.

Free Resources

Five Ways to Connect to Your True Self is a guide to becoming more authentic and alive.  Each step identifies a theme and three activities to take you deeper.  Click on the image below to download your copy. The Woman Warrior’s Workbook is a 30-day regimen in self care.   What started as an online challenge … More Free Resources