Hello and welcome. Embarking on a healing journey is a powerful choice- thank you for considering me.  I’m happy to support your transformation with empathy, deep listening and honesty. I open-heartedly co-create space where you feel safe and empowered to uncover your own wholeness. 

I’m a culturally responsive coach and therapist with many years of experience and training in racial equity and inclusion. I consider your needs in the context of larger societal forces to help you understand how your individual concerns are shaped by the world(s) you inhabit. While our focus is one-on-one, your family system, your ancestral ties and your current life circumstances all inform the work we do.

Talk therapy leads to insight and awakening and is helpful in understanding trauma. I also guide you to deepen a compassionate connection to your body with practices that help you access the body’s innate wisdom. As a student of folkloric dance, I have first hand knowledge of what our bodies can teach us.

My perspective is informed by West African-based spiritual systems, eastern non-dual philosophy and western mysticism. I believe there are many paths to awakening. If you’re seeking support in transitioning to a new phase of life or in unfolding a specific desire, I offer personal coaching and spiritual counseling.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from teachers, healers and cutting-edge thinkers who help shape my therapeutic approach. I believe that, as a practitioner, it’s my ethical responsibility to continue to commit to my own growth and healing. It helps me maintain the integrity of my work (and keeps me humble).

Please reach out with questions or to schedule a consult.  I look forward to connecting!

You can e-mail directly at eloizajorgelcsw@gmail.com

or click here for more info about working with me.