Hello and welcome. I’m a compassionate and culturally responsive therapist and intuitive counselor. I aim to cultivate a space for radical honesty. A space where you’re encouraged to discover your own wholeness.

I’ve found that the simple act of sharing your story with an empathetic listener leads to important insights. Developing a compassionate connection to your body is healing as well.  I can guide you with practices that help expand your awareness and access your innate wisdom. Incorporating mindfulness practices during sessions will help you feel more grounded and centered.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from teachers, healers and cutting-edge thinkers who help shape my approach. My perspective is informed by West-African based spirituality, eastern non-dual philosophy and western mysticism. I believe that, as a practitioner, it’s my ethical responsibility to continue to commit to my own growth and healing. It helps maintain the integrity of my work (and keeps me humble).

Please reach out with questions or to schedule a consult. I look forward to connecting!

e-mail at eloizajorgelcsw@gmail.com