I’ve been described as a big warm hug and a kick in the pants, simultaneously. 

I counsel.

I coach.

I write.

I’m passionate.
I live a full life.
Motherhood, Friendship, Dance, Healing, Culture, Social Justice

I study.
I love to use my intellect.
Rutgers, UC Berkeley,  Professional Coach Training, CEA- MNY

I’m dedicated.
I see things through.

One of my teachers once said, you have this laser sharp way of seeing through bullshit.
Another teacher said, you have a beautiful soul and big heart.
My kids say, I love you more than ice cream and stop kissing me so much.

People thank me for my ability to deeply listen– open ears and an open heart.
People thank me for being able to see the larger, longer view– wisdom and intuition.
People thank me for being me– walking the path too.

The 4-1-1:

  • Counselor, Educator and Certified Professional Coach.
  • Mother of two.
  • MSW. Rutgers. Clinical Social Work.
  • MA. UC Berkeley.  Social and Cultural Studies.
  • BA. Douglass College. Women’s Studies, Sociology & Caribbean Studies.
  • 20+ years in teaching profession.  Last 10 at college level.
  • 20+ years studying Afro-Caribbean dance. 10 years leading dance classes at local Y.
  • Deeply committed to spiritual study and growth.
  • Coaching credential through Open Center in NYC.
  • Certified Childbirth Educator.

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