Working with Me


Why do women seek coaching?

You can get “coached” for a variety of reasons.  Most women I work with are seeking personal or spiritual development and support with transitions. These include creative goals, career changes, relationships, work-life balance, motherhood, divorce, and uncovering aliveness and meaning in everyday life.  Click here to read about some differences between therapy and coaching.  

It’s simple,  we practice being in relationship to what is.  The mystery, complexity, beauty and wonder of your world.  You get to be with what’s true for you and that has profound impact on all areas of your life. It’s really about getting the support to really be you, no apologies, no boxes, no shoulds.

What’s it like to work one-on-one with you?

Through deep listening and honesty, I create space and safety for you to say what might be hard to say anyplace else.  Yes, we work on goal-setting and accountability, there’s visioning and action planning.  And more than that, we process fears and examine obstacles. By being deeply affirmed and acknowledged, moving through life becomes easier, you become more free. 

Sometimes going inside means embracing what we don’t like about ourselves — our imperfections, our humanness.  Sometimes this means grieving what was lost.  Most times going inside means offering ourselves compassion and discovering treasures. All of it is based on what is present and alive in you right now

What are sessions like? 

Remote sessions last 50 minutes and we start with meeting three times a month.  We build on what’s good in your life.  We illuminate your values, your gifts. We get to know the part of you who knows, who is wise. To be able to access her whenever you need to. You learn practices that help you go inside to find your inner sources of strength and wisdom.

I don’t promise you that if you “only change your thinking” you’ll be rich. I don’t promise magic potions to achieve your dreams. I do promise greater freedom and fulfillment through authenticity, support, and your own deep wisdom… 

What are advantages of working remotely?

Phone, FaceTime or Zoom sessions are beneficial for several reasons.  First, there is the convenience for both you and me. Second, especially when connecting over the phone we get to focus on expression through words– you don’t have to worry about what you look like or are dressed like. 

Do you coach coaches and do you provide business coaching? 

Yes, I love working with fellow coaches and have worked with several.  While I coach executives, I am not a business coach.  And I’m happy to share what I know about branching out and taking on something new.  

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