What Clients Say

Coaching has allowed me to honor myself. I have taken risks when, prior to coaching, fear would have impeded me. I would recommend coaching with Eloiza because she has the intuitiveness to decipher what is underneath the surface.  Eloiza, besides being an amazing woman, is open, warm and nonjudgmental. Working with her, I developed the courage to honor myself and my needs. For example, I resigned from my job even before having another position (this was a HUGE step but I went out on faith and believed that the universe would support me!).  I made the decision to relocate to Washington, DC,  and was intentional in the search for my next employer. I was clear that my next position would be one where life-work balance was honored… At the end of my coaching sessions I am always surprised at the level of my awareness. It is usually a WoW moment for me. I may not have all the answers, but after each coaching session I am able to see the issues from a different perspective. After sessions with Eloiza I feel energized, rejuvenated, peaceful, decisive, forgiving, loving and accepting.  Paula Gordon, PhD, South Africa

img_9226-2It is so hard to put into words all that Eloiza has done and continues to do for and with me. She’s an amazingly gifted coach.  She holds space making it safe for me to explore whiteness (my own and in the dominant culture).  She has opened my eyes and heart to a level of anti-racist practice that I was not previously awake to. Her deep listening, her healing presence, and her radical honesty (coming from a place of love) fosters true transformation. Jen Ngyuen, Bay Area, CA

sheila photoHaving been to traditional therapists for many years, I can safely say that coaching with Eloiza is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  Our sessions are forward-thinking; we look to the now and the future as opposed to just the past.  I don’t feel judged and I feel free with sharing my thoughts within the safe place that she creates.  For example, I can share feelings with Eloiza that I would normally be embarrassed to say aloud.  She never makes me feel silly for thinking those thoughts but encourages me to listen to myself to find out the deeper meanings behind them.  She has a magical quality about her that comes from being an excellent listener and possessing a strong understanding of human behavior.  I love how she is able to empower me to make my own decisions and determine what I am wanting in life.  She never imposes a sense of what I  “should” do and coaches with a delicate balance of support and encouragement throughout the whole process.  I highly recommend Eloiza as a life coach…she’s amazing to work with.   Sheila Frye, Ed.D, Montclair, NJ       IG: TeachingLiteracy

IMG_394311Coaching with Eloiza was literally pivotal for me. I felt defeated, incompetent and was ready for a big career change, but didn’t know how to proceed. Working with her produced in me a confidence I never knew existed, and that confidence has extended to now — months after our coaching ended. I don’t anticipate it going away.  She helped me reframe my current job, so that this year — 23 years into my teaching career — I entered my same school year with the most healthy, most confident, and most creative attitude I have ever had. I view the work and my colleagues differently this year, and it is not because of any changed conditions — it is because of a radically shifted view of myself.  Shannon Carey, Oakland, CA     Twitter: @scmaestra

laura 3I am ever grateful to Eloiza and her “keep it real” approach to coaching.  With a gentle nudge or a swift kick, she’s helped me find the courage to take a leap or two out of my comfort zone – at work, in relationships, even dancing.  I’ve discovered that while leaps are scary, they can also be exhilarating and rewarding.  And I’m reminded that failures are temporary– that this is a process, a practice, a journey.  What surprised me most is that she helped to give voice to both my inner cheerleader and my inner hater.  She guided me to notice what they were each trying to say.  I am not a different person since I began coaching nor have I “graduated.”  But I know for sure that whether I’m in my happy place or flinging self-deprecating BS, Eloiza has helped me see the authenticity in both.  Her coaching style is safe, supportive, and real – I highly recommend working with her.  Laura Torchio, Montclair, NJ

jenny - Version 2With Elo’s guidance, I have the space and time to more deeply explore my feelings and desires.  I am always surprised by the new things I uncover about myself.   Elo has an amazing gift when it comes to coaching. With her intuitive questions and gentle push, she’s able to draw things out of me that I didn’t even know where there! She is truly an amazing coach. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with her over the past two years.  After a coaching session, I feel an incredible sense of relief and lightness. I feel a sense of understanding and confidence about myself that is almost indescribable.  Jenny Rodriguez, New York

MEGEloiza creates a comfortable environment where I share my thoughts freely without fear of judgment.   She has helped me gain the confidence to take risks, to find a purpose and to feel passionate again.  When I started coaching, I was feeling uninspired, passionless, and didn’t think my life had direction. She encouraged and guided me to take the appropriate steps to rediscover meaning in my life.  Through working with Eloiza, I’ve been surprised by the fact that I can change, that I can can actually become the person I want to be. Plus, I love that I walk away from each session with next steps on how to accomplish my goals.   I’ve learned things about myself I never thought existed, and for that I will be forever grateful for Eloiza’s guidance and encouragement.  Meredith Guarco, Denver, CO

hope - Version 2

I love that after each session with Eloiza I leave with some important insight or shift in perspective.   Not only that, I’m inspired to take action.  Eloiza is really in tune with her intuition and takes deep listening to another level.  She has the ability to understand compassionately, but can call you out to keep it real.  Eloiza’s innate warmth and empathy is inviting.  And as a mother, she can relate to the plight of working women and mamas who want it all but have to maintain balance for sanity and happiness.  After sessions with Eloiza I feel high, elated and clear-minded.  I’m more focused on what I have to do to for consistent joy in my life.  I really enjoy having a coach and benefit greatly from the experience.  I am making self-care a priority.   Eloiza has inspired me to embrace the fabulous goddess within me and has guided me in exuding this mindset regularly.  It’s working and I feel great!  There is increased confidence and deeper knowing that I am on the right path for me.    Hope M, Brooklyn

Eloiza holds a huge space for me to explore whatever I need to explore. She has a refined ability to listen deeply, widely, quietly and wisely and through her listening I can find my way wherever I need to go. At the same time, she doesn’t hold back if she has thoughts about where I could go and what I might try, and I’m grateful for her suggestions. After a session with Eloiza, I feel clearer. I feel like I can breathe more fully. I can see a greater range of options for things I might do, if I want to do something. I always end our conversations feeling profoundly grateful for Eloiza and aware of the rare and polished skill set she holds.   Elena Aguilar, author of Art of Coaching

Eloiza and I worked together, via phone calls, for four months.  In that time, I felt so listened to, so relieved, and inspired that I am still feeling the effects.  Her ability to hear me and then zero-in on my “deeper agenda” was terrific.  She is a very sensitive gal.  It is this quick grasp of what was being said that she addressed; then questioned, challenged, and discussed.  Then toward the end of each session, she offered easy personal “homework” or tasks for me to try and accomplish until our next meeting.  And, there was never any judgment or criticism if I didn’t achieve my daily, weekly, or monthly goals.  Just more questions, more conversation, more insight and more motivation.  Anyone feeling any kind of doubt, about themselves, their work, their lives, should contact Eloiza.  She is terrific.  Like warm water you sit in and relax through.  I adore her and I can and do, whole-heartedly, recommend her and this work.  Jill Klein,  Los Angeles

Eloiza truly listens with her heart and her intuition as well as her intelligence. In our coaching sessions, I would feel delicately yet firmly held by how she listened and responded, and her questions often led me to experience guidance from a soul level. This also gave me a better sense of the solid ground within me from which I could approach the practical matters of growing my business and staying on course. She helped me connect to an embodied sense that I could accomplish my goals, however daunting they felt at the time. Always compassionate, she could shift from soft and receptive to strong in pushing me when I was trying to hide or duck out of something, and is quite skilled at knowing when to use each approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone interested in how coaching can improve the quality of their life!  Sharon Rosen, New York


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