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Process Group for Coaches

I’m happy to announce I’m leading a monthly process group for coaches. This is an opportunity to build community with fellow practitioners who are committed to inner work.

We need spaces to be validated and acknowledged. And, while we want to celebrate our competence as coaches, it’s also important to explore our limitations.

I envision this as a space to affirm the meaningful contributions you make in your practice and in the world. In gathering together you’ll have the opportunity to feel not-so-alone in your work. You’ll gain fortitude and boldness, not by pretending you have all the answers, but by diving more deeply into new terrain. 

Especially after the events of the last several years, it’s vital for coaches to build the capacity to meet the complexity of our times. You’re invited to include your racial, ethnic, gender, sexual and other identities into the space– all of you is welcome.

Your peers (who are already practiced in deep listening and curiosity) will support you in expanding your viewpoint.  You’ll be invited to explore your growing edges in service of transformation and healing.

The following is a sample format for monthly 90 min sessions.  

Please note: The first session will be longer to give ample time to introduce ourselves, cultivate connection and build trust in the group.

Intro and short exercise 15 mins 

Making space to slow down, tune in and be intentional.  We’ll start with a visualization, embodied practice or short prompt to get grounded and hone our intuition. 

Case presentation 20- 25 mins

One volunteer will introduce a “presenting problem.” Compelling topics might feel uncomfortable– like you’re missing something or that the issue is beyond your capacity. This is a good thing! It’s your growing edge. 

Feedback and Questions 15-20 mins

After listening with curiosity and compassion, group members will ask questions and offer insights. We’ll collaborate on identifying  themes and naming the transformational agenda. 

Questions we might consider: What is the socio-cultural context? How might personal and ancestral trauma be entangled in this issue? What institutional or systemic dynamics are important? Are there economic constraints and/or limited resources? What might be left out or excluded? What are the possibilities within the limitations? What small (or not-so-small) steps will lead to greater freedom and compassion?

Closure and Take-Aways 15 mins

We’ll end the session with practices to try out. Practices might include: tuning into the wisdom of the body, uncovering metaphors, crafting powerful questions and healing sentences, dialoguing with inner selves, “riding the wave of transference”, stepping more fully into our power and working with “imposter syndrome” and the “cardboard saint”… 

This group is for you if you 

  • feel called to expand your competence and bandwidth
  • know that your own healing and transformation is connected to your effectiveness as a coach
  • believe that, despite all the real troubles in the world, healing and transformation is possible
  • desire more connection and opportunities to build community
  • are open to experimentation and being more lighthearted with your imperfections

Investment is $75 per session with a commitment to attend at least 5 group meetings. Space is limited to 6 coaches.

*Additional one-on-one support will be available for follow up on especially complex topics.

If this is a right fit please reach out! I’m also happy to set up a short consultation to answer any of your questions. or text to 201-279-0441

About your facilitator:

Eloiza is a coach, healer and psychotherapist. She was credentialed as a coach in 2009 and has been a student of Non-Dual Healing for over 15 years.  She’s spent many years seeking guidance from sage elders, in addition to participating in clinical supervision. She’s currently training to facilitate Family and Systemic Constellations. Read more here…

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