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10 Ways to Show Self-Love

We could all use more love, right?  Try these techniques to honor who you are and cultivate self-love.

  1. Tell the truth.

What’s on your mind or in your heart?  Get beyond the niceties and the shoulds and be with what’s really going on for you.

  1. Silence.

When do you have time to not do and just be?  Turn off the computer, put your phone down.  Five minutes of quiet space is a perfect start.

  1. Change it up.

What could you do differently to shake things up?  Take a different route to work.  Try a new workout routine.

  1. Gratitude.

What do you love about being you?  Write a list of what you appreciate about your life.  Be thankful for your unique contribution to the world.

  1. Say NO.

Is it time to put some healthy boundaries in place?  Say no to being overextended or overworked.

  1. Make a connection.

Who loves you?  Reach out to a friend who knows you and will remind you how special you are.  Let yourself feel the support around you.

  1. Date yourself.

What do you most like to do?  Spend quality time with you.  Dinner and a movie?  A hike?  Go do a fun activity, alone.

  1. Play.  

How can you have more fun?  Get in on the action with your kids.  Be silly, giggle, run around like a maniac.  Let yourself not be so grown up.

  1. Make art.

How do you feed your creative side?  Doodle, color, paint.  Invent a new recipe.  Write a poem.  Create.

  1. Dance.

When do you let yourself get loose?  Move your body.  Shake, twirl, shimmy, leap.  Celebrate your body and the rhythm of life.


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